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We collect in Pretoria area.

Our Certified instructors will

collect you for your training sessions and take you

home after your training session.



We collect  you for your driving test.

On the day of your

test we will collect you, take you for your test and take you home after your test.



Learner Class

We provide learner

classes for all codes.


Classes are 4 hours

for 1st time students.


"All training manuals"

will be provided

for the course.



Refresher Learner Tests

Preparation /refresher lessons are available to our Students, That

attended our learner classes, free of charge.


(NB!! by appointment  only)



"T&C'S apply on all conditions on this web page"


"This page may change without notice so press F5 twice"



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     Need a test date

   If you don't want to make

   use of our training services.


    We can assist you with

    the process in making

    your test date appointment

    for learners/Drivers at

    the test Centre.





Drivers license Information for foreigners


Need a map to Angels driving school

About our driving school fleet